Salena Saxe

330 East Wood Street Troy, MO 63379

(417) 773-8515

Salena Saxe

Meet Salena, your dynamic administrative assistant and leasing agent. With a passion for outdoor pursuits like hunting and running, Salena finds balance in both nature and suburban life. As an aunt and bonus aunt, family is at the core of Salena's values. Her genuine interest in people extends to her role as a friend, where she thrives on building meaningful connections. In her professional capacity, Salena excels in organization, coordination, and communication. Whether prioritizing tasks or resolving issues, her meticulous approach ensures efficiency.

As an administrative assistant, Salena streamlines processes, while as a leasing agent, she connects with clients to find the perfect rental property. Trust Salena's versatility and dedication for all your administrative and leasing needs.

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