Justin Creech

330 East Wood Street Troy, MO 63379

Licensed in MO

(636) 299-3532

Justin Creech

A passionate real estate agent, Justin brings a unique blend of skills and interests to the table. Fond memories of his time playing baseball growing up have instilled in him a strong sense of camaraderie and the importance of strategic thinking.

Justin finds wonder and excitement in the great outdoors through activities like hunting, fishing, and trapping. He is committed to conservation efforts and believes in evening the odds for a more balanced and sustainable environment while recognizing the importance of preserving our roots and the connection we have with nature.

Justin possesses exceptional skills in connecting with a diverse range of people. His strong communication skills enable him to effectively convey information and build lasting relationships with his clients.

Whether you're in search of a hunting farm or have any other real estate needs, Justin is the dependable and trustworthy guide to navigate you through the entire process.

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